Why We Need You

To achieve our goals, we really need your help...

By donating to Sole Potential, you can help us to change children's lives by providing new footwear for those deprived youngsters who never have anything new, and so often go without. We want you to see the utter delight on these children's faces when we provide them with their sports shoes, and we then want to be able to continue providing sports shoes for them as they mature and grow into young adults.

We would love you to come on this journey with us, and help us achieve our goal of 1000 pairs of sports shoes over the next 12 months.

Sunny And Poppy Round

Meet our Mascots Sunny and Poppy

Help us to support them on their mission

You're helping our mascots Sunny & Poppy on their mission to raise money to buy new sports shoes for underprivileged children.

Sunny And Poppy