Sustainability Policy

Awareness of and attention to the environmental and social impact of the sports and fashion industries has rightly been increasing and to reflect this we have been increasing our focus on responsible charitable activity. We have been working to develop a better understanding of our impacts, and a plan to improve our performance.

Our approach

We will achieve our ambition by taking a very simple approach:

  • Map: map out our supply chain and identify where the biggest impacts are.
  • Measure: put in place tools to measure the scale of the impacts and possible solutions.
  • Modify: make changes to improve our environmental and social footprint. We have lots to learn and are believe that pan-industry initiatives and partnerships are a great way to move forward.

Our vision and ambition

Our vision:

Sole Potential has a number of existing initiatives underway, borne from our commitment to sustainability, ranging from clear policies on modern slavery and ethical supplier conduct, through to zero waste to landfill at all our UK sites.

In the context of growing global inequality and increasing climate change impacts, we recognise that we can – and must – do more.

Our ambition

We are making progress, but we still have a long way to go. We are ambitious – we want to significantly reduce our environmental impact and make a positive social impact throughout our supply chain.