Margaret Dabbs London story

Margaret Dabbs, CEO and founder of Margaret Dabbs London™, is this year launching a unique new UK charity called Sole Potential, whose mission is to provide underprivileged young people with new sports footwear, giving them the opportunity to participate in sport regardless of their start in life. Margaret always felt that she wanted to give something back to the community and decided during the lockdown period to start this charity which could deliver the charitable goals which she set. She formed Sole Potential with the aim of raising sufficient funds to be able to provide sporting footwear to under privileged children in the UK who otherwise would not be able to afford to buy the footwear necessary to enjoy the sport which other more fortunate children take for granted. Margaret’s aim is to build a nationally recognised charity which will deliver the footwear which could do so much to improve the sense of self-worth of underprivileged children, using her commercial skills and industry contacts as a basis to create a successful charity that makes a tangible difference to the lives of children here on our home soil.

The charity is registered with the Charity Commission and ready to start its fundraising work in earnest in February 2021.

So why now? An ever-increasing number of children in the UK live in poverty. These children do not have access to suitable sports footwear, and as a result, they are unable to develop through participation in sport. They miss out on the physical and social benefits of exercise, which is detrimental to their development and wellbeing. This situation can lead a child to feelings of low self-worth, unhappiness and exclusion. Sole Potential wants to change this. Having access to the correct sports shoes will allow them to develop their social, physical and emotional health and all the developmental benefits that this brings.

Speaking about her motivation behind starting the charity, Founder Margaret Dabbs says:

‘I truly believe in inclusion for all children when it comes to physical activity and group sport and that suitable sport shoes are a necessity. Through our charity work we hope to be able to level the playing field, giving every child a fair start so that they can reap the benefits of participation in sport alongside their peers.’

Sole Potential aims to raise money through multiple channels, including kind donations from patrons, corporate sponsorships and fundraising events such as marathons, half-marathons, treks and challenges. In the future, Margaret Dabbs London customers will be able to add a small donation to their order when completing an online purchase. Sole Potential will also be leveraging the kind support of high-profile brand ambassadors and sports personalities, as well as that of our founder, to drive awareness and support for the charity.

The charity will work closely with schools, local authorities, local sports teams and other charitable trusts, to identify those most in need of our support. As a result of strong relationships with leading sports manufacturers and retailers, Sole Potential are working to secure high-quality sports shoes at favourable rates that we can distribute to the most needy.

To achieve their goals, Sole Potential are asking for help in the form of donations and corporate sponsorship. By getting involved, you can help us to change the direction of children’s lives by providing new footwear or those deprived youngsters who never have anything new, and so often go without. Find out how you can help them achieve their goal of 1000 pairs of sports shoes over the next 12 months at

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