Sole Potential is a UK charity which provides underprivileged young people with new sports footwear, giving them the opportunity to participate in sport

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They Deserve A Fair Start

We want to give every young person in the UK, regardless of their circumstances, the opportunity to participate in sport. We intend on doing this by raising money to buy sports footwear for children who may otherwise have to go without.

Inclusion in sporting and social activities will allow these children to realise their potential, and improve their social, physical and emotional health and reap all the developmental benefits that this will bring.

How many children have to live in poverty before we take action?

You're helping our mascots Sunny & Poppy on their mission to raise money to buy new sports shoes for underprivileged children.

Sunny And Poppy

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Margaret Dabbs launches UK children’s charity

The intention is to build a nationally recognised charity which will make a tangible difference to the lives of UK children.

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Footcare expert launches Sole Potential charity to support young people

The charity hopes to give such young people the opportunity to participate in sport regardless of their start in life, supporting the development of their social, physical and emotional health.

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Sarah’s Health Notes: Sole Potential – Margaret Dabbs’ new charity

‘Think about your favourite pair of shoes; once you put them on, you feel more confident, stronger and able to take on whatever the world throws your way.

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